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Personalized Training

You will not be thrown a generic ‘workout of the day’ at TNB Fitness. Your individualized workout program is structured to fit your needs and will consist of the proper exercise selection, volume, intensity and variation to ensure that you are always making progress. This is all supported by our stellar coaching staff. We have some of the very best coaches in Nashville which makes our gym a destination facility for women who are serious about their fitness. 

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Nutrition Coaching

Our Nutrition philosophy is habit and lifestyle based. We do not believe in diets, quick fixes, or trying out the latest fads and cool supplements. Some women need more education on what and how to eat, while others just need some hand holding and accountability. We meet you where you are and set realistic behavior goals with you so that change is lasting and long-term. 

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Social Responsibility

Training at TNB Fitness makes you a socially responsible citizen and part of the solution to improving Nashville's health and obesity problem! A portion of your monthly membership fee will go to help lower-income women in our non-profit, The New Beginnings Center. Nashville has so much going for it, but our health and obesity statistics are among the worst in the country. You can feel good knowing you're doing something to change this by helping provide an incredible opportunity for other women in Nashville.

New Beginnings