The New Beginnings Connection

TNB Fitness is unique in many ways but our affiliation to The New Beginnings Center makes your membership and our mission very important to the health of Tennessee’s women.

Providing Individualized Coaching to Low-income Nashvillians
Nashville has done so much to help encourage healthy lifestyles with parks, greenways, and wellness programs, but affordable and individualized health coaching services are currently unavailable to the majority of those who need help. Obesity rates are climbing in low-income and minority populations. By offering individualized coaching to high risk, low-income Nashvillians, New Beginnings is helping to change this trend. The New Beginnings Center is a non for profit organization also for women only and it’s mission is to proactively address the obesity crisis that faces low-income women and deliver healthy outcomes that are sustainable by utilizing strength training, physical fitness and nutritional education as platforms for changing behavior, self-concepts, and for building self esteem. 

Your TNB Fitness Membership Supports The New Beginnings Center
Part of your membership at TNB Fitness supports The New Beginnings Center, which shares a facility and building with us, deepening our connection to the health crisis in our community and offering a win win solution . . .

Transforming lives through strength, fitness and health.