TNB Fitness Men's Program

TNB Fitness is now offering limited training spots to men for semi-personalized training. All workouts are tailored to our clients needs based on their goals. You won't find a cookie-cutter workout here. We intelligently select the correct exercise, volume and intensity for each individual client. The success of our female clients has provided us with the ability to extend our services to men and we can't wait to grow our TNB Fitness family. 

Our personalized training memberships include:

  • 2-4 personalized training sessions each week
  • nutrition coaching
  • monthly program design
  • Functional movement screens
  • Check-in meetings

Training times for the Men's Program are 12-3:30 Monday through Friday. 

If you're interested in training with us, fill out the form below. 

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Contact us for more information 615-432-2725

At TNB Fitness, we also offer the Amazing 12 Week Physique Transformation Program. 

What Is The Amazing 12?

The Amazing 12 Week Physique Program has been singlehandedly re-writing the book on what was previously thought impossible within the realm of body transformations.

The A12 program produces the best results humanly possible in 12 weeks time and has changed the lives of hundreds of people. If you’re interested in becoming the very best version of yourself you can be, YOU need the Amazing 12!!!

This program is for those who are ready to take on the challenge and want to transform their body forever.

The Amazing 12 Package Includes

1.     Results guaranteed

2.     5 semi-private training sessions each week (60 in 12 weeks) that’s more than most people will do in a year.

3.     The Amazing 12 strength and conditioning protocol that has now transformed thousands of people just like YOU from all over the world.

4.     The Amazing 12, four phase nutrition system that works every time.

5.     Pre-Amazing 12 training: 3 semi-private training sessions and an introductory ‘technique week’

6.     Unlimited email coaching

And so much more…


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