The Assessment Process

Why we assess

As infants we are limber and symmetrical beings. Over time, we develop muscle imbalances and asymmetries - a normal part of living - but these can make us more prone to injury and less efficient in our movement.  The Functional Movement Screen is designed specifically to ferret out those inefficiencies. If any of the seven movements tested is mechanically unsound, this indicates that asymmetry or a limitation exists somewhere. The FMS is different from other posture and flexibility screenings because it focuses on dynamic movement.  Movement is an indicator of how a body is working and it lets us know what the brain is telling the body to do and how the muscles and joints are communicating with each other.   

The FMS helps us prevent injuries before they occur by identifying risk factors which appear within faulty movement patterns. By not addressing these poor movement patterns chances are greater that they’ll catch up to you.  No one moves perfectly and anyone can benefit from being screened.  

What to Expect at your FMS Screening

This isn’t a self assessment you can do at home. You will need a professional to administer the FMS, one that has been certified and gone through the training. The screen itself will only take about fifteen minutes but you can expect to spend about 45 minutes to an hour with us on your first visit.

First we will sit down and discuss your goals, your expectations, your lifestyle, and your injury and training history. We want to hear all about why you made your way to us so we can figure out the best way to help. After chatting we will administer the screen. It’s a seven-part test that looks at the mobility and stability of the hips, core, shoulders, knees, spine, and ankles. With this baseline of abilities and through rescreening later along your journey with us we can then have a consistent measure of progress. Wear comfortable workout clothes to your screen that allow you to move freely. The movements can seem a bit awkward but that is by design - each isolates a different part of the body to prevent you from hiding weakness and compensating and allowing us to see clearly what is happening. To read more you can visit

The fee for a Functional Movement Screen and initial consultation that includes body composition testing and a copy of our nutrition manual is $100, however this will be waived when you sign up for any of our personalized training memberships. Click the link below to schedule your FMS.