Creation Story

Tash Weddle, CEO, TNB Fitness

Tash Weddle, CEO, TNB Fitness


Tash Weddle (CEO and founder of TNB Fitness) started her journey as a high school basketball player in Indiana. After accomplishing her dream of becoming an Indiana All-Star, she went on to play at the collegiate level at both NC State University and The University of Evansville, but her career was one plagued by recurring knee injuries. Determined to come back from five surgeries during her playing career, Tash found her passion in the weight room as well as her chosen profession in life. After graduating from The University of Evansville with a degree in exercise science, she went on to The University of Tennessee and spent two years working as a graduate assistant strength and conditioning coach for the Lady Vol's. During her tenure at U.T., Tash gained valuable experience working with Pat Summitt's back-to-back national championship women's basketball teams of 1997 and 1998. From there it was Kent State University, Purdue University and most recently Vanderbilt University serving as director of strength and conditioning for women's basketball, where she played a part in winning two SEC championships tournaments and eight NCAA tournament appearances. 

The Change, The Dedication, The inclusiveness

After 17 years as a collegiate strength and conditioning coach, Tash realized that all women can and should feel the empowering effects of gaining physical strength. Helping women had always been a passion but now the passion would be shared with women of all walks of life, hence the creation of a social enterprise consisting of TNB-Fitness and New Beginnings. At TNB-Fitness, there is no judgement on age or physical limitation. Everyone from the athlete to the novice or senior citizen is welcome and can benefit from the training systems and highly experienced coaching staff that Tash has put in place at TNB-fitness. 

New Beginnings provides low-income women with the same opportunities, regardless of their background or ability to pay. Since its inception in 2011, New Beginning's whole-person approach has allowed more than 1200 women to realize their physical and mental strength, while losing weight and making permanent lifestyle changes. 

New Beginnings currently serves over 400 low-income women a year and will continue to grow this number with the help of TNB-Fitness clients. A percentage of the membership fee at TNB-Fitness goes to help women in the New Beginnings program. As our clients grow strong it opens the doors for those not as fortunate so that they have the opportunity to become strong too. 

75% of people who exercise regularly say they aren’t getting the results they desire, but of the 25% that are getting results, 90% of them are working with a coach.”

”Having a good coach makes all the difference. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to receive the unwavering support, guidance and motivation that a coach can offer.
— Tash Weddle, CEO and founder of TNB Fitness