TNB Fitness Member Spotlight: Elizabeth Powers

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How long have you been a member of TNBFITNESS?  Since November 2016

What attracted you to TNBFITNESS/What motivated you to join TNB?

I was attracted to TNB by my own sense of failure in other gyms. I wanted a place where as an older person, and a person with orthopedic weirdness, I could get fit.  For me that means developing enough strength around my joints to reduce dislocation risks, and to strengthen my core enough to support my once-broken back, as well as change my posture to help my hips and knees. I heard trainers say “we can’t work with you, you have too many issues” and I just got sick and tired of their excuses.

I was motivated to join by the exceptional attention paid during the Functional Movement Screening, the fact that the cost was a great deal, given the cost of comparable training, and the trainer qualifications.

Tash’s certifications alone were impressive. When I saw how conscientious and attentive to detail she was during the assessment, I felt like I had a good chance at improving strength and function with a really low risk of injury. I was tired of classes so loud I couldn’t hear instructions, being just another chunk of flesh feeding the cash flow and having semi-private small groups that were more like herds. All that matters!

How do you feel now compared to when you started training at TNB?

OMG.  People don’t recognize me! I feel so much more competent in my body!  I noticed it in my garden this week, that I could move in ways never before. I definitely have more strength for the journey I’m on. And I am much less afraid to move. I feel safer and less vulnerable just because I am more fit. I feel a lot less like a victim and a lot less vulnerable.

How has TNB helped you reach your goals?

1.     Patience when I was trying to learn what the charts and codes meant.

2.     Strong and consistent attention to form—every little detail of it.

3.     Supporting my coming even when I have to travel, even helping me with a travel workout.

4.     Radical acceptance instead of judgment and favoritism.

5.     Consistent, developmentally structured workouts that “stack” on each other.

6.     Measurement. You can only manage what you measure.

What advice would you give to a person looking to join TNB?

DO IT. If you need to change you, your self-image, your ability to move in this world, DO IT. DON'T WAIT!

- Elizabeth Power, TNB Fitness Client

Join us for A P P L A U S E!

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Dear TNB Members,

Thank you for your generous support to the well-being and improved health of a diverse group of women, whom you have never met.  We are diverse in age, race, health condition, weight, and socio-economic level.  We are similar in that, like many women, we are so busy taking care of others that we do not make time for ourselves.  The consequences of putting everyone else and everything else before our individual selves are that we have many health issues.  Once we recognized that and decided to make changes in our lives, we found New Beginnings.  Because of your generous support of New Beginnings one of the barriers to making changes in our lives, limited financial resources, was removed and/or reduced.  After that barrier was removed, there was no excuse for making the necessary changes to improve our heath.

Using this 12-week new beginning means that my best days are ahead of me in terms of my health, wellness, and future.  Among the life improvements I have made are incorporating exercise into my life Monday through Friday; drinking 64 ounces of water daily; working to reduce and eliminate processed foods from my diet; improving my blood pressure to the best levels ever; and having more energy and strength to be productive and healthly.

My sincere thanks for your support of me and the other women of the New Beginnings Fitness Center Program.  We appreciate your kindness and generosity.


Ms. Coleman


Mark your calendars for May 2nd... 

The BIG Payback!


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