TNB Fitness Member Spotlight: Judy Hudson



How long have you been a member of TNBFITNESS?

Since March 2014

What attracted you to TNBFITNESS/What motivated you to join TNB?

2 years ago I was diagnosed with Osteopenia in my Right hip and border line high cholesterol. The medicine they prescribed for the Osteopenia listed broken bones as a potential side effect. I just thought “how bout I get off my butt and start working out and eating better”J   A customer of mine had been going to TNB for similar reasons and she said I should check it out.  So I did, and I am so happy I did!

How do you feel now compared to when you started training at TNB?

As a professional dog groomer my job is very physical and it is hard on a 20 year old.  At 56 I’m grooming the same amount of dogs in 3 days with an assistant that I used to do in 6 days, and I don’t hurt any more. Last week we did 15 dogs in one day, 3 of which were Standard poodles. We worked 12 hours plus I worked out that morning.  I was tired at the end of the day but I didn’t hurt!

How has TNB helped you reach your goals? 

I have issues…I’m kind of a train wreck.  Scoliosis, bad feet, shoulders rounded forward from driving and grooming for years, hip issues, hands and shoulders quirks.  The trainers watch you like a hawk and pay attention to your form, if you are not able to do something this week or you tweak something they will modify your program so you still get a great workout but you work around any issues.  When I first started I would see people leopard crawling and I would think there is no was I could ever do that with my hands and shoulder issues.  I can leopard crawl now and because they have taught me proper form I’m able to crawl about a 20 yards stretch!   No doubt my core is so much stronger, as is my overall strength! My goal is to stay strong for the last half of my life because I have a lot of living to do! Also the side benefit to getting stronger physically is getting stronger mentally…I went through a divorce and the training is what helped me through a pretty rough spot in my life.

What advice would you give to a person looking to join TNB?

Do it!  You think you don’t have the time?….Make time!  Don’t think you can afford it?…. Figure it out!  No one is going to take care of you but YOU!  Ask yourself how do I want to spend the last half of my life?  Winded walking up a flight of steps?  Not able to go see your grandkid’s events because of steps or bleachers.  Not  be able to travel because of your physical limitations…these people will help you overcome your obstacles and everyone here is encouraging and friendly! Its kind of like going to Cheers except it’s a gym!

Complete this sentence - TNB is   the best thing that has ever happened to me!