TNB Fitness Member Spotlight: Mary Mancini





How long have you been a member of TNBFITNESS?

Since October 2015


What attracted you to TNBFITNESS/What motivated you to join TNB?

I had heard about TNB and how wonderful it was from at least two friends over the past couple of years. One even said that it changed her life. It wasn’t until my doctor suggested that I “might want to get a trainer” to help with some frustration I was having as a result of a slowing metabolism that I decided to check it out.

How do you feel now compared to when you started training at TNB?

I feel so different – much stronger and much healthier. Each week I have a sense of accomplishment after working out that I never had before. Now I wish I had joined sooner.

 How has TNB helped you reach your goals?

 My goal was to alleviate the daily frustration and stress of trying to find an outfit that I was comfortable wearing. Now, after only a few months, my clothes fit better and I have less stress in the morning. But TNB has helped me in so many other ways as well – increased strength, increased focus, and a new and much healthier way to look at nutrition.


What advice would you give to a person looking to join TNB?

Take that first step of walking through their door sooner rather than later.


Complete this sentence -  TNB is.... Badass.