TNB Member Spotlight: Eleanor Wells

By Gabe Teeple

How long have you been a member of TNBFITNESS? 
Since late July 2014

What attracted you to TNBFITNESS/What motivated you to join TNB?
As I have aged my weight has stayed relatively stable but my body composition has changed. I knew I was losing muscle tone and was not feeling strong. I had been working out at a local fitness studio but was experiencing pain and injury. I also did not have confidence in the instructors. I really wanted a challenging workout but one that was safe. I had read an article about Tash and was intrigued by her desire to have a gym for women, tailored for women’s needs and an individual’s specific challenges. I was also very impressed with her background. As a former nurse it was important to me to have trainers that were well qualified — not ones who had taken a weekend course to instruct. 

How do you feel now compared to when you started training at TNB?
I feel awesome. I have been struggling with periodic back issues for the past several years and I am thrilled to say my back has been doing great. I love my workouts by TNB and that is saying a lot. I am not one who has looked forward to working out – I did it because I thought I should. I can honestly say that I now look forward to my time at TNB. I love the challenge and greatly appreciate the trainers’ skill and encouragement. I am so glad they are “picky” with my form as I exercise. There have been times that I have felt I was progressing too slowly but I appreciate the philosophy of progressing with proper technique and ability. My body is showing changes – slowly but surely. My body fat percentage is dropping and I know I am stronger. 

How has TNB helped you reach your goals?
I would always like to lose a few pounds and continue to decrease my body fat percentage. I know taking advantage of the nutrition coaching will help with this.  My main goals are being injury and pain free, improving my balance and flexibility, and being strong. These are the goals that will greatly affect my quality of life as I age. TNB is helping me reach these goals

What advice would you give to a person looking to join TNB?
I would encourage women to join -take the time to be evaluated, visit a training session, ask questions of current clients and take the step toward improving the quality of the rest of your life. 

TNB is – a gift to myself as I desire to age with strength and without injury and pain so that I can improve the quality of the rest of my life.
— Eleanor Wells