Strengthening Women

Started by a woman, for women, TNB Fitness provides women in Nashville with a fitness experience that is entirely different from the ordinary gym. Don’t expect a sea of treadmills hooked up to televisions, mini pink dumbbells or elliptical machines when you arrive. At TNB Fitness, our clients participate in a unique program that combines strength training, metabolic conditioning, and corrective exercise to achieve extraordinary results.

At TNB Fitness our mission is to empower and strengthen women through physical fitness. We strive not to be intimidating because we know that some gyms are.  We want you to excel at learning our fitness principles while becoming your very best version of you and we take our clients' goals very seriously. Whether you are coming off off an injury, scared to start a training program, need to improve mobility, strength, increase endurance, transform glutes and quads into the remarkable muscles they were always meant to be—or all of this and more—TNB Fitness will provide expert training to help you reach your goals. Check out what our current clients have to say about hitting their goals with us below 

Assessments and a Progressive Training Philosophy

The women's only environment at TNB Fitness is inclusive and supportive of all fitness levels. One of the most important aspects of training at TNB Fitness is our attention to detail and ensuring that we take the time to provide a quality service that is expertly tailored to each clients needs. Every potential client begins the program with a thorough assessment of their current state of fitness and capabilities. This assessment process is based on injury prevention and post injury rehabilitation and helps us meet you exactly where you are when you arrive at our door.

Our coaches are indeed the best in the industry with a wealth of experience and education behind them. We pride ourselves on the quality of coaching and guidance that you will receive by being part of TNB Fitness. In addition to our advanced assessments, we use Precision Nutrition strategies to support our clients. Nutrition coaching is included in all of our personalized training membership package You will learn the habits we follow and how to tailor your eating to your lifestyle and activity level.


Special Bonus

Becoming Fit & Helping Others
As a member of TNB-Fitness, a percentage of your membership fee goes to support our sister organization The New Beginnings Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of low income women in Nashville and providing them with health, fitness, and nutrition education in an empowerment program developed by the TNB founder, Tash Weddle.

My mission here is to empower women. Magic can happen in the weight room, and fitness and nutrition can be great platforms for developing personal growth.
— Tash Weddle, CEO and founder of TNB Fitness